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Journey of Healing

When we are present in each moment, and aware of our being, the mind is in its natural state and the body (physical reality) is transcended. Or natural being is Whole, Holy, and Healthy. On “Journey of Healing” thoughts and beliefs of “being sick” are exposed and denied. Thoughts of our innate nature then direct the mind back to our being Whole, Holy, Healthy.

This is a 7-week intensive contemplative and writing exercise. Think: Deep Thinking meets Spiritual Journaling: shifting the consciousness of humanity from separation to Oneness, one step at a time.

It is designed to challenge your beliefs and expectations, and provide you with a higher vision of yourself. This creates an internal tension, as you stretch to live up to a higher standard for yourself. The outcome is what John Randolph Price calls "spiritual conditioning": teaching the little mind to think and live through higher (spiritual) ideals. 

It is based on a four-step process:

Step one: Being aware (thinking)

Step two: Thinking or believing there is a better way (reading the Guiding Thoughts)

Step three: Deciding to change (this is up to you)

Step four: Committing to actions that bolster that decision (writing)

Each Journey concentrates on one aspect of your inner self. It gives you a focal point, a place to direct your energy. This method does two things: 1) It strengthens your trust in that particular aspect of yourself 2) It puts your conscious and subconscious mind to "be on the lookout" for real life experiences connected to that aspect. This combination builds external (experiential) trust in your inner self (that aspect). 

These Consciousness Journeys provide a path to follow for your personal inner journey. The Journeys are your guide; you simply walk along, engaged with your self and your Self (more on that in the Journey).

You see, as the designer and creator of the Consciousness Journey series, I've been doing these Journeys --40 days at a time, over and again, since 2012. I know the terrain well, and so, can act as guide, assistant, aid, and sounding board. That's what I'm here for!

What I am not here for is to convince you of anything…or blow sunshine up your ass.

The world needs help (look around). The world needs us to be real, to be authentic, and to share that real, authentic part of ourselves. That is our strength. I call that part my "Inner Self", "Higher Self", "Divine Self" or "Inner Divine Self". Call yours whatever you wish--you know what I'm talking about.

Too many try to (or have) become wealthy selling positivity practices, skimming a person's superficial surface. I’m not going to do that; these Journeys are work--and you are worth it.

Know that while I do strive for a better Earth, populated with a kinder humanity, I’m not going to try to sell you on the idea that all is cotton candy, butterflies, and kittens. But, I will walk with you every step of the way, whatever you encounter in your own depths.

I am here to support and encourage your journey on your highest path, to support the dissolution of your lower, ego-self (the part of each of us that seems to love to cause so much conflict, misery, and destruction), and to help you walk your higher path in Truth, Simplicity, Love, and Service.

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